Bowling Certificate Templates

A variety of free printable bowling certificates that you can customize before you print.

semi formal bowling certificates

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bowling certificate

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sports award

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 blue bowling award

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 non formal bowling award

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What can these bowling awards be used for?

You can use them for a party at a bowling alley or even when a group of friends or family go out to bowl together. Make the event more memorable with a personalized bowling certificate for each participant.

Bowling Award Ideas

Try and come up with funny or silly awards for each player. Here are some examples:

  • The best overall score
  • The most strikes
  • The most spares
  • Highest speed

They can also be used for a bowling tournament.

Funny Bowling Certificates

Here are some ideas for funny bowling awards.

  • The most gutter balls
  • Lowest overall score
  • Lowest speed
  • Most dangerous bowler

How to Win the Best Bowling Award

How to win a bowling award

Find the Perfect Bowling Ball – ideally, a bowling ball should weigh about 10% of your body weight.

Swing the ball back keeping your bowling hand and wrist straight.

As the ball comes forward, begin to rotate your wrist and hand – to the right if you are left-handed and to the left if you are right-handed.

When the ball is near your ankle release it. As you release the ball the inner part of your arm should be facing the pins. Extend your arm until your hand is in “handshake position”.

Keep your hand straight until the ball is released.