Create a gift certificate with our free gift certificate maker which offers more than 60 different designs. You don’t need a graphic designer to create unique professional gift certificates. You can edit the text before you print it with our free online editor and you can download the free templates instantly without any registration.

Free editable gift certificate templates

gift certificate templates

OpenGift Certificate Maker

gift certificate template

OpenGift Certificate Maker

Are you looking for a free gift certificate template?

We know that you are busy, so all the gift certificates can be customized and downloaded in under 2 minutes. There is no need to register or hand over your email or any other details. Making a gift certificate has never been easier!

We also offer ready-made editable gift certificate templates free of charge in Word format. There are 21 different designs in various styles and colors. You are sure to find one you like!

Select a Template

gift certificate template free download


gift certificate template


Watercolor gift certificate template


gift certificate with red border , colored banner and three gifts


Two gift certificate templates with watercolor flowers and design


blue and gold gift certificate


gift certificate with editable text


Editable gift certificate with pastel stripes


gift certificate with white background and pink ribbons


gift voucher with editable text


light blue stripes


gift card with editable text


Background in shades of yellow with yellow ribbon


Free Gift Certificate Maker (50+ designs)

With our free gift certificate maker, you can edit a printable gift certificate and then download or print it. First, select a background or border. Then edit the text and/or add more text. You can also add images such as photos or a business logo.

Please note that you can use this as a gift card maker as well since all of the text can be edited. To make a gift card template, select the design that you want to use and change the title to “Gift Card.” You can print multiple copies on one page to make the cards smaller and save paper.

Customize & Print

gift certificate

Customize & Print

gift cards

Customize & Print

gift certificates

Customize & Print

All gift certificate templates on this site are free and can be downloaded instantly with no need to register. They can all be customized before you print. You can either use our free online gift certificate maker to type your details or open it as a Word document that can be edited.

OpenGift Certificate Maker

How to make a gift certificate

Use our free gift certificate maker to make DIY gift certificates that you can customize online before you print. To open it click on any template from the selection above. There are more than 60 different designs available, and they are all free. Move the text around so that it fits well with your selected design. Edit the text. You can also add additional text or your own photo or company logo.

There are three different options:

  1. Handwritten: Print the ready-made version and fill in the details in your own handwriting. There is a blank gift certificate template for each design.
  2. Word: Download the Word gift certificate template and edit it in Microsoft Word. You will need Microsoft Word to use this option. This method is not recommended as there are many more options available when you edit with our free online certificate maker.
  3. Certificate Maker (Recommended Method): Use our free certificate maker that will enable you to edit the gift certificates in under a minute and print a professionally typed gift card. This option will give you the most flexibility and will allow you to move text around, and easily add additional text or images, expiry date, and a barcode if required. You do not need to download any software to use our free online gift certificate maker.
  4. PDF: The PDF version is typeable so you can type the details before you print it. Each template has two gift certificates per page.

How to customize the template

  1. Select a template. There are 21 designs available.
  2. Decide if you are going to print a blank template, edit in Word, or use our free certificate maker (this is the recommended method with the most flexibility and best outcome).
  3. Edit the template. You can add text and change the font style and color. You can also add additional fields such as an expiry date (if the version that you selected does not include such a field).
  4. Download or print.

Gift ideas

You can give many different gifts together with these gift certificates:

  • Purchase a gift card from a store or online. You can buy one for a particular store or for a mall (if this option is available at the recipient’s local mall). Some ideas or places to purchase from a restaurant, spa, salon, massage, tattoo, photography, yoga, magazine subscription, etc.
  • You can also just put it in an envelope together with cash.
  • If you are on a budget and don’t have enough money to give a gift you can still give your time. For example, you can give a massage, babysitting services for young parents, breakfast in bed, etc. Do you know how to take good photos? Offer a young family your photography services. They might not be professional photographs but most people will appreciate some family photos. There are many ways to give a thoughtful gift without spending any money.

When can these be used?

These are generic templates so they can be used to give a birthday gift, Christmas gift, anniversary gift, etc. We also have gift certificates for a spa, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

Why give a gift certificate?

Giving someone the perfect gift is very rare. Usually, we have no idea what the recipient really needs. Even if we do know we might not know exactly which product he or she wants most. A gift certificate or gift voucher will enable the recipient to select the perfect gift that he or she really wants.

It is also the perfect solution when you forget to buy a gift and need to produce one within minutes or simply don’t have time to go shopping.

It will not only help the recipient, but will also make gift-giving effort-free, and stress-free, and save you time. Often people are hesitant to give gift certificates since they want the recipient to feel like they have gone to the trouble to select a gift. Creating a personalized gift certificate shows the recipient that you went to the trouble to create a customized and pretty card and still gives them the flexibility to select their own gift.

Gift Certificate Printing

To print gift certificates, first, download them to your PC. Select either the PDF or image format to download. You can print gift certificates directly from the gift certificate designer but you will have less control over the print size. Printing gift certificates can be done at home or with a basic printer. However, if you want a more professional look, you might prefer to get it professionally printed. If you use quality paper, the printed gift certificates will look more professional than they will with standard paper. If you are using them for a business, then this is important. You don’t want it to look like a homemade gift certificate. Also, set your resolution to the highest your printer will allow you to print at.

Commercial Use

These free printable gift certificates can be used for both personal and commercial use but you cannot upload them to the internet as is or after any modification. If you want to add your logo then we suggest you use the online gift certificate maker (not the Word version) to customize the chosen template. This method will enable you to add your logo, move it around and adjust the size. To add the logo, click on “add image” and move the logo to wherever you would like it to appear. You can also make it bigger or smaller. You can also use this method to add a barcode or serial number.

Selling gift certificates is a great way to increase sales. Since the templates are generic, they can be used by a photographer, bakery, beautician, hairdresser, etc.

If you are using gift cards for a business, then there is certain information that is essential to include. You will need to include the value of the gift certificate, the expiration date or validity (when it is valid until), terms and conditions, business hours, and business addresses. You might also want to include your return policy. In order to add your own text, click on “Add Text”.

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