A selection of gold borders that can be used to create printable certificates or for other purposes.

gold borders

Customize any Border

Free Borders

gold textured page with a gold ribbon and a red wax seal   Customize & Print

gold glitter border   Customize & Print

gold design in two corners of the page   Customize & Print

ornate gold border   Customize & Print

wooden frame with a gold tone   Customize & Print

gold textured paper   Customize & Print

gold dots along the left hand side   Customize & Print

vintage border in gold and brown    Customize & Print

gold frame with decorations in the corners     Customize & Print

Vintage frame   Customize & Print

picture frame   Customize & Print

Shiny gold frame   Customize & Print

Pretty gold wooden frame   Customize & Print

gold ornate frame    Customize & Print

Customize any Border

Gold Border PNG

If you want to download the border as a png file you will need to click on customize and then on the cloud icon (to download as an image). Please note that some borders on this page are not available as image files but only pdf files. If your selected border does not download or notifies you it is unavailable, then please download as a pdf.

There are many more certificate borders on this site.