We offer a series of free printable award certificate templates for kids who reach various milestones in their lives. You can upload a photo, record the date of the milestone, and add additional text if you want with the help of our online certificate maker. Once you have completed all of the printables, you can create a keepsake baby memory book recording your baby’s first year and other important milestones later on in life.


My first bath, I can sit by myself, My first tooth, My first swim, My first smile, My first haircut, My first day of school, My first day of preschool, My first day of Kindergarten

I can sit

I can sit by myself

my first tooth

My first tooth

my first swim

My first swim

my first smile

My first smile

my first haircut

First Haircut Certificate

This first haircut certificate will ensure that you or your child don’t forget this special event!

my first day of school

My first day of school

my first day of preschool

My first day of preschool

my first day of kindergarten

My first day of kindergarten

my first bath

My first bath

When my first child stood for the first time, it was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I was sure that I would never forget the day that it happened and the look on his face. Three kids later, I don’t recall the date, and the only reason that I remember the look on his face is because I have looked at the photos that I took. If I hadn’t documented each of these exciting milestones, I probably would not have remembered them. I never thought I could forget, but it turns out that it happens. I bought a huge diary to record my baby’s first-year milestones for my first child. I meticulously recorded every milestone and took photos. For my second child, I used a thinner book that I received as a gift. It didn’t have as much information, but then I didn’t have as much time. There were a few pages that I never filled in, and I must admit that I guessed when they happened to fill the gaps. My third child didn’t even get a diary. The only photos that I took were on my iPhone. Luckily it records the dates. Although I do not have time to fill out the traditional baby book, I made these certificates to record some of the most important milestones that I have to remember. What I like about these pages is that you can use the ones that you want. If you don’t remember when a milestone happened or don’t have a photo, then you don’t need to use that page. Take the page that you decide to use and put them together to create a baby book. I have uploaded these to share with those you are not keeping a baby book. Even if you are, they are cute gifts to give to grandparents.