A variety of free printable gymnastics certificates.

Gymnastics Certificates

formal gymnastics award with a picture of a gymnast standing on one leg

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gymnastic certificate with a double grey border and a red ribbon

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certificate with a green border and a yellow ribbon

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award certificates with a fun non-formal look

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gymnastics award certificate with a picture of a gymnast in the air

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Many more free sports awards on this site. We also have dance awards that can be customized for gymnastics as well.


Awarding gymnasts motivates them and encourages them to improve and to progress to a higher level. This works particularly well with kids and beginners. You can award children with reward stickers at the end of a class for trying, listening, and improving. Award certificates can also be used each month or year for the best student in each of the following categories each specific period.

What can gymnastic certificates be awarded for?

  • Winning a competition
  • Making progress
  • Improving style
  • Best on each apparatus (such as bars, beam, rings, trampoline, floor, etc)
  • Most improved on each apparatus
  • 2nd and 3rd on each apparatus (such as finishing 2nd on the Beam)
  • Certificates for overall combined scores for different age divisions
  • Successful completion of a step

When I was a kid I loved gymnastics. I would train nearly every day for hours each day. I loved to receive recognition, as do most children. It could have been a compliment, an award certificate, a medal, and once I was lucky enough to receive a big trophy which really made me feel proud. That made me train even harder and push my body more than I would have. It is amazing how positive encouragement motivates you to continue and give it all you have. I never had the potential to be really good. I started too late and looking back wasn’t really good enough but I still see the importance of sending kids to gymnastics and training as often as you can. Studies have shown that kids who play sports and train often are very much less likely to do drugs or drop out of school. Taking part in any sport keeps kids motivated and disciplined. It teaches them the importance of setting goals and working towards reaching them. Gymnastics helps children develop flexibility, stamina, strength, and other important skills. I hope that these gymnastic certificates will help motivate your gymnasts and keep them practicing this fun and challenging sport.