Free printable honor roll certificates you can customize before you print!

We are happy to offer honor roll certificates to parents and educators who want to incentivize students to do their very best in school. If you want to drive children in your life to accomplish all that they can accomplish, then an honor roll certificate is a great way to do it. We care about the academic achievement of young adults and that is why we offer these customized certificates to parents and educators free of charge.

A-B Honor Roll Certificate

Free printable A-B honor roll certificates. Since you can edit the text, you can use any of the templates below for this purpose even if they do not read A-B.

We offer templates for younger children and for older children, with or without a photo. There are many different templates and designs available.

AB Honor Roll Certificate

With Your Photo

AB Honor Roll

Without a Photo

A-B Honor with blue frame
A-B Honor with blue border

There are many different designs and layouts available. You can edit all the text.

Customize & Print

A Honor Roll Certificate

For those who got all As.

A Honor Roll
A Honor Roll

Customize & Print

You can edit each element on the following Honor Roll certificate examples. You can change the title, the borders and all the text.

Award template with a pile of books
Colorful honor roll template
Colored pencils in the background and an option to upload a photo
award certificate
Colorful award template
Blue and green frame


Customize & Print


Select an honor roll certificate template from the selection below and click on “customize” to type the details such as the student’s name, name of the school, teacher’s name, the reason for receiving the award. Once you have customized the certificate, you can download it as a PDF document or as an image.

To make a principal’s honor roll certificate, replace the word “teacher” with “principal”. Add the principal’s name and signature.

honor roll certificate with a line of color pens in the background


School certificate with a black and silver frame


honor roll certificate with a line of color pens in the background


Honor roll certificate template


honor roll certificate template with a blackboard background


school certificates


honor roll certificates

Don’t like any of the designs? See our free printable school certificates or certificate maker (for more formal templates). Since the text can be edited you can use them to create free printable honor roll awards.

How to add your school logo?

  1. Click on “Add Photo”.
  2. Drag your logo to the desired location.

What can these certificates be used for?

Schools and teachers can use them to award students for academic achievement. Proud parents can use them to award their children for being on the honor roll.

Use them:

  • To recognize students on the honor roll for their academic achievement.
  • To award students enrolled in honors courses or honors program.
  • Certificate template for honors
  • For all students who are members of an honor society.
  • Create an A honor roll certificate printable (for students with all A’s).

Why Choose our Award Certificates?

For many students around the world, achieving honor roll status is a huge accomplishment. Honor roll is something to be strived for, but it is also an achievement to be recognized. Without proper recognition and incentivization, many students will not bother to strive for the accomplishment or lose interest. It’s important to mark this achievement with the appropriate recognition.

They are Free

We do not charge you to customize or to print our free certificate templates.

No Registration is Required

We will not ask for your email and do not require a lengthy registration process to download any template. Simply click on download and your custom certificate will be downloaded.


When you use our free certificate maker, you get to select the border, the award ribbon, and to edit the text.

When you create our honor roll certificate, you can be sure that the child who achieved the honor roll receives something that is personalized for them. With this kind of recognition, they are much more likely to respond positively and continue to do their best in school. Everyone loves to receive acknowledgment for their achievements.

Incentivize Academic Performance

When people receive awards for things that they do well, it tends to reinforce their efforts and encourage them to continue to do well. It’s no different for students. They want to hear that they are doing a good job in school and when their achievements are reinforced with a certificate to back it up, they are going to be much more likely to strive for the honor roll again and again.

Recognize Achievement

Aside from the incentivizing aspect of it all, it’s good to recognize achievement. We should be rewarding students and recognizing their achievements if we want them to feel confident and happy. See also Certificate of Achievement.

If you would like to recognize the other students who did not qualify for the A or A-B honor roll, then please see our school certificates or generic certificate maker.