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Here are some samples of our most likely to awards but please note that you can customize all text and change the frame and ribbon.

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Most Likely to List

The following list will give you ideas for most likely to awards. Use these ideas or add your add.

Most likely to…

  • be married in the next 2 years
  • become a billionaire
  • appear on Broadway
  • become an FBI agent
  • appear on Dancing with the Stars
  • become a comedian
  • be bald before 30
  • become a dentist
  • be late to her/his own wedding
  • become a doctor
  • appear on the cover of Time Magazine
  • become a millionaire
  • win a Nobel Prize
  • become A Model
  • win an Olympic Medal
  • become a movie star
  • win the lottery
  • become A Nun
  • appear on the cover of Vogue
  • become a supermodel
  • become a talk show host
  • be famous
  • become a teacher
  • become Prime Minister
  • break a world record
  • become an inventor
  • find a cure for cancer
  • become an Iron Woman
  • get married first
  • become an Iron Man
  • have 6 kids
  • invent something famous
  • join the army
  • live past 100
  • marry for money
  • open a branch of McDonald’s
  • become president
  • open a branch of Starbucks
  • rescue someone from a burning building
  • run a marathon
  • visit Mars
  • win an Oscar
  • win X Factor