tennis certificate template free

Tennis is a fun and educational sport for kids of all ages and can contribute to a child’s overall health and sense of well-being. Encourage your child to play tennis by offering these tennis certificate templates and awards for important tennis milestones. These certificates can be used by coaches, parents, teachers, or teammates.

Game – Set – Love!

Certificate Template Templates

tennis award with a picture of 2 tennis rackets and a ball

Description: black border with a picture of two rackets and a tennis ball

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tennis certificate with a picture of a tennis racket

Description: blue border with a picture of a tennis racket and a blue award ribbon

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green tennis certificate with a picture of a tennis ball

Description: green border with a picture of  a tennis ball

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formal gold tennis award certificates

Description: gold border with a gold ribbon

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The certificates can be customized – like most of our certificates – and can include awards for:

  • Most Powerful Serve
  • First Singles Victory
  • The Most Accurate Serve
  • First Doubles Victory
  • Powerful Forehand Smash
  • Most Accurate Backhand and more

Funny Tennis Awards Ideas

  • Least Accurate Serve
  • No Love Award
  • Least Powerful Serve
  • Worst Backhand
  • Addicted to Tennis
  • Most Unfit