All the minute to win challenges on this page are easy to organize and use common objects that most people have at home. They do not require any additional preparation besides collecting the supplies which you probably already have. We have not included games such as “junk in the trunk” which require you to build or create something. The idea is to provide you with a set of free printables that will enable you to organize the entire Minute to Win birthday party in less than an hour.

All the printables required for the games are free and include a poster with instructions and scoring for each challenge, an award certificate for the best contestant at each station (we suggest having a fun award ceremony at the end and we offer fun editable certificates for every contestant), score sheet, list of required supplies, birthday party checklist and even invitations.

These minutes to win games can be used by kids, teens and adults no matter how old they are. You can also use them for groups with mixed ages. Since each game is only a minute even young kids stay focused when it isn’t their turn.

It is a great idea for birthday party games or even just to keep kids busy and away from screens at home. Next time your kids complain that they are bored you can select one or two games to play at home.

The equipment that you will require for each game is listed in the downloadable checklist. Decide how many of the games you will play and ensure that you have all of the required equipment available. Each game comes with a poster with the game rules, a list of materials, and an award certificate for the best player. You can print the award certificates ahead of time and fill in the name in handwriting or print it after the games once you know the name of the winner.

Award Ceremony at the End

After the games, you can have a fun ceremony where you award each participant with a different award such as an award for the best apple stacker, etc. There is at least one award certificate for each “minute to win” challenge and a few generic ones. Make sure that each participant receives a certificate. The certificates are editable so feel free to make any changes. If you have a better idea for the wording on the certificates then please share with us in the comments below.

We also offer a list of certificates available and space to fill in your guests’ names to ensure that each person receives a certificate.

What supplies do I need?

Decide how many stations you will have and how many people will be in each group. Since you have a poster with instructions for each game you don’t even need someone standing at each station explaining what to do.

If you are going to have lots of participants in each group then you might need to adjust the list of supplies accordingly.

You can find a Minute to Win party checklist with a list of all supplies required. You will need a stopwatch or a watch with seconds.

List of Minute to Win Game Ideas

Below you will find 11 minute to win games for kids or adults. You might not use all 11 challenges but the last few challenges are for back up just in case they progress faster than you expected.

There is a printable poster for each game which can be used to explain to participants what to do at each station. It enables the party to carry on even if you don’t have a helper waiting at each station. Even if you do have someone helping out at each station it will remind you what they need to do to help you ensure that the party is successful with the minimum preparation.

Minute to Win it Games List

Game 1 – Stack the Apples

Stack 3 to 5 apples on top of each other.

Equipment: 3 to 5 apples per participant depending on how many participants will do this game at once.

Rules and Scoring

Stack the apples

Award Certificate

stack apples game


Game 2 – Make a Mummy

Divide contestants into groups of two or three. Give each group one roll of toilet paper.

Each group has to roll the toilet paper around one of the contestants from that group as many times as possible. Count the number of times each group succeeds to wrap the toilet paper around the mummy.

Award Certificates: For this game, there are two award certificates: one for the best mummy and one for the fastest mummy creator. The certificates are editable so you can change it to the scariest mummy or edit it as you wish.

Equipment: 5 rolls of toilet paper.

Rules and Scoring

Minute to win it challenge

Award Certificate

minute to win it award Customize

Game 3 – Thread the Cheerios

A bowl of Cheerios is placed in the center of the table and each participant receives one piece of uncooked spaghetti. Instead, you can give each participant a small bowl of Cheerios. The goal of the game is to thread as many pieces of Cheerios as you can onto the spaghetti with one hand and without breaking the spaghetti.

Equipment: uncooked spaghetti, one big bowl or five small bowls, Cheerios.

Rules and Scoring

Game with Cheerios

Award Certificate



Game 4 – Face the Cookie

Players place a cookie on their forehead and have a minute to move it into their mouth without using hands. The winner is the participant who moves the most cookies into his/her mouth.

Equipment: About 3 cookies per person.

Rules and Scoring

Face the Cookie

Award Certificate



Game 5 – Chopstick Race

Fill a bowl with round cereal or snacks. Each player gets a paper cup and a pair of chopsticks. The player has to move as many pieces of cereal as he/she can from the bowl to the paper cup.

Equipment: round cereal, a bowl, one paper cup per participant.

Rules and Scoring

chopstick race

Award Certificate

chopstick race


Game 6 – Move the Balls

Place a bowl of balls on one side of a room / yard and place an empty bowl on the other side or about 5 yards away. Each player gets a plastic spoon and using their mouth only needs to move the balls from one side of the room to the other. The winner is the player who moves the most balls from one bowl to the other.

You can use ping pong balls, round candy, or gumballs.

Equipment: two bowls, a plastic spoon for each participant, about 4 balls for each person in the group unless you will be going one at a time in which case you only need about 5 balls. If you are using gum or candy then you will need more since most kids will want to eat the candy/gum that they transferred.

Rules and Scoring

Move the balls

Award Certificate

ball challenge


Game 7 – Toss the Ball

Put a paper cup on a table and have the contestant stand about 3 or more yards away. The contestant needs to toss the ball into the cup without it falling over.

If they succeed at least once within one minute then they get 5 points. If they try and don’t succeed then they get 3 points.

Equipment: one paper cup and one small ball (golf, squash, or any other small ball).

Rules and Scoring

Toss the balls game

Award Certificate

toss the balls challenge


Game 8 – Don’t let the balloons fall

Each participant receives 3 balloons in a specific color (so that they don’t get mixed up). The goal of the game is to keep all three balloons in the air for one minute with one hand behind your back all the time. If one of the balls touches the ground or pops then that participant is disqualified. If the contestants are very young you might need to play with only 2 balloons.

Equipment: 9 balloons in 3 different colors with spares in case they pop.

Rules and Scoring

Game with balloons

Award Certificate



Game 9 – Don’t let the feather fall

Blow a feather in the air and keep it there for one minute without letting it touch the ground and with both hands behind your back.

Equipment: 1-5 feathers depending on how many participants will do this game at once.

Rules and Scoring

Birthday party game

Award Certificate

feather game


Game 10 – Put the box in the bowl

Without using your hands, move a small box (from gum, candy, raisins, Tic Tacs, etc) from under a glass or cup in to a small bowl.

Equipment: a glass, a small box for each participant, and a small bowl. You will need a small box for each participant since they will probably use their mouth to move the box and therefore it cannot be reused. You can make custom labels for the box which can be a party favor for each child to take home.

Rules and Scoring

Minute to win it game

Award Certificate

funny award for minute to win game


Game 11 – Put the pretzels on the stick

Put a bowl of pretzels in front of each blindfolded contestant and give him/her a stick. The goal of the game is to get as many pretzels on the stick in one minute while blindfolded. At the end of the minute you count how many pretzels are on the stick and the contestant gets to each them.

Equipment: a blindfold, pretzels, 5 sticks.

Rules and Scoring

Party game with pretzels

Award Certificate

pretzel game


How Does the Scoring Work?

For games that you can either complete the challenge within one minute or not the points will be as follows: 5 for succeeding, 3 for trying and 0 for those who don’t even give it a try (hopefully you won’t have any contestants who are not interested in trying each game).

For games where you compete against each other the point system is as follows:

  • 5 points for 1st place
  • 4 points for 2nd place
  • 3 points for 3rd place
  • 2 points for 4th place
  • 1 point for 5th place

Download the Score Sheet – A printable with list of games in column and player name in line with the rules on the poster.

Minute to Win Party Games

If you are using these challenges for a birthday party then feel free to make changes to the editable printables. For example, instead of good job you can write “James is 6” or you can add a line thanking friends for celebrating with you.

Minute to Win it Games for Teens

The challenges listed here are suitable for teens as well as younger children. In fact, even adults will have fun doing various challenges.

What is the minute to win it game?

It is a fun TV game show where contestants take part in several one-minute challenges. Over 50 countries worldwide have produced a version of this TV show.